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A Screen Enclosure Allows You To Enjoy The Outdoors More And Makes Your Patio More Attractive

If you have a beautifully landscaped backyard or you have a pretty view of a mountain, lake, woods, or meadow, you may enjoy sitting on your patio to enjoy the surroundings. Your enjoyment may be cut short due to pesky bugs, though.

If you want to enjoy your patio more, even during the evening when bugs are rampant, consider a screen enclosure for your patio. Here's why you may enjoy a screen enclosure and some things involved with having one installed.

Why You'll Enjoy A Screen Enclosure

Being able to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by insects is one of the main reasons to put an enclosure around your patio. If you have a solid roof put on, you can even enjoy the outdoors when it rains. An enclosed patio even makes it possible for your pet to enjoy the breeze outside without you worrying about them getting loose or running away.

Keeping mosquitoes away is important for the health of your family since mosquitoes carry a variety of diseases. Your family can enjoy the outdoors while safely on your patio and not need to slather on insect repellent to stay safe from bug bites.

You can even use an enclosed patio as another room for your home, especially if there's already a slab in place you can use.

What's Involved With Building An Enclosure

You'll probably need permission from your HOA and a permit from the city to add an enclosure to your house. You'll want to find a builder for your project since building a screen enclosure is more complex than it seems. The builder can help with plans for the enclosure so it's built exactly as you want.

You can choose the materials the enclosure is made from and control its appearance. You can even choose the type of screen you want. Choosing mesh that's small enough to keep out tiny bugs is important, but you may also want a tough screen that your pet can't claw through.

The cover for the enclosure is another important consideration. You might want a screen roof, but then you couldn't enjoy your patio when it rains. A solid roof might be better since an electrician can run lines under it that allow them to install lighting and fans on the ceiling of the enclosure.

Building a screen enclosure involves building the frame around the patio and then putting screens between the posts. An enclosure adds more fun to your backyard and also is an attractive complement to your property.

For more information about screen enclosures, contact a local company.