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3 Reasons To Add Gap Fillers To Your Building's Fire Doors

Commercial doors that have large gaps beneath them are a concern in the event of a fire. This gap can easily allow smoke and even flames to pass from room to room, which can result in the fire spreading quickly. It's important to close any gaps beneath your doors, and you have a few options available to you. While some people might think about replacing their doors entirely, a better option is to buy a number of fire door gap fillers and install them. Here are some reasons that using gap fillers is an optimal solution.  


When you calculate how many fire doors you have throughout your building, you might be surprised at how high the number is. This can especially be true in large medical facilities, manufacturing premises, and more. When you determine the cost to replace an existing fire door with one that doesn't have a large gap at the bottom, and then multiply this amount by the number of doors you have in your building, you may end up with an enormous cost. You may not have enough money in your budget to handle this expense. Using fire door gap fillers is a fraction of the cost of replacing your doors.

Quick Work

Once you become aware of the problematic nature of the gaps beneath your building's doors, you likely want to rectify the issue right away. If you're thinking about replacing the doors, you might be looking at a long wait time. It may be a while before a local door company has the number of doors that you need in stock, and you may also struggle to find an installer on short notice. Using gap fillers will allow you to fix the problem quickly. You shouldn't have trouble buying what you need, and one of your maintenance staff members or even a commercial handyman can install these devices quickly.

Adjustable Over Time

The size of the gap beneath a door can change over time due to several factors, including slow and subtle shifts in the building. If you replace a door with a door that fits properly, you may run into an issue sometime in the future with a gap emerging. Another benefit of using gap fillers instead of replacing your doors is that these devices are adjustable. If a bigger gap develops, it's easy for someone to remove the gap filler and reposition it in the right location to cover the gap.