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Why Using A Staffing Agency Is A Great Idea For Small Businesses

Staffing or temp agencies are a great way to find accredited professionals who are in the same industry as you and already vetted. For many businesses, putting out your own ads can be time-consuming and often riddled with failure, as so many people who apply have very little experience and may not have the right credentials to get the job. Of course, this only becomes apparent after you hire them, and then it can be even more costly to get rid of them and start all over again. As such, here are three reasons why you should consider using a staffing agency if you own a small business.

Quick Turnaround

A staffing agency does not take a long time to get into gear and get started — far from it. They understand that time is money and for small businesses, a vacancy needs to be filled as soon as possible. They likely already have a list of people in that area who they can contact and, if not, they will get to work on aggressively searching for the right person to fill your void. Most of the time this is done within a week or so, if not sooner, and you will have a list of candidates you can choose from to talk to and further vet.

Legal Protection

If the employee you get from a staffing agency is not qualified then you have the added legal protection provided by the agency which allows you to replace them very quickly. Some states have stronger employment laws than others, and replacing new hires is not as simple as it may sound without the security provided by staffing agencies. If you don't want to be caught in a legal battle to get a good worker, then use the resources a staffing agency provides you and stay safe.

All Of The Reward, None Of The Work

While your staffing agency is looking to fill a position at your work, you can get back to working on other aspects of the business. When they finally do come to you with some options you simply take the one you like and they will sort out all of the paperwork. When the new employee arrives they will be ready to get straight into work. You spend no time looking through dozens of resumes or posting ads online and your employee still knows exactly what is required of them and can begin right away. 

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