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Buying A Small Gun Safe For A Rifle Or Shotgun? Measure Your Firearm First

While a lot of firearm owners choose large gun safes that can accommodate a number of guns, this isn't the only type of safe that you might be looking to buy. If you want to keep a gun safe in your bedroom, for example, you'll probably want to buy a smaller safe that is designed to fit just one gun. These safes, which often provide quick access to allow you to get your gun in a matter of seconds, can help you to feel more secure in your home. Before you pick out a safe to buy, it's important to think about which gun you'll store in it — and then measure the firearm in these ways.

Overall Length

Measure the length of your firearm and keep this number in mind when you shop for a gun safe. It's important to choose a gun safe that is taller than the firearm by a few inches; if the gun fits too tightly in the safe, it may be cumbersome to remove quickly. Keep in mind, too, that you may sometimes alter the firearm in ways that can affect its overall length. For example, a choke on the barrel of a shotgun or a different type of stock could potentially lengthen the gun. You want to buy a gun safe that is tall enough to accommodate these potential future changes.

Width With The Magazine

You'll also want to take the width of the firearm into account so that you can buy the right size of safe. If you're planning to put a rifle in the safe, make sure that you measure the firearm's width with its magazine in place. A rifle's magazine makes it significantly wider, so you want to ensure that the gun safe is large enough. It's a bad idea to buy a smaller safe that requires you to remove the magazine before storing the gun. Loading the magazine in the case of an emergency takes up time that you might not have.

Width With Accessories

A lot of quick-access gun safes that are designed to hold just a single long gun aren't very deep. This is ideal because they won't take up much space in your home, but you need to ensure that the model you buy is of an adequate size to accommodate your gun when you have accessories mounted to it. For example, if you're planning to store a shotgun in the safe and you typically use a side-saddle or a stock shell holder, either accessory makes the firearm bulkier. You should measure the shotgun once this accessory is in place, and then shop accordingly.

For more information, contact a company that provides gun safes.