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Top Benefits Of Paper Cores Vs. Plastic Cores

If you sell plastic wrap or other similar products that have to be wound on cores, you might be debating between purchasing and using paper cores or plastic cores. Both options are pretty popular, and either one can work for the job at hand. However, paper cores are sometimes better than plastic cores for the following reasons and more. After learning more about paper cores and their benefits, you may decide that they are the best fit for your products and your company, too.

They're More Environmentally Friendly

Perhaps the most obvious reason to consider buying paper cores instead of plastic cores is the fact that they are more environmentally-friendly. Paper cores can be recycled with ease. Therefore, if you know that your customers are environmentally-conscious, or if you just want to do everything that you can to produce and sell your products in a more environmentally-friendly way, this is one of the number one reasons why you should consider using paper cores instead of plastic cores when possible.

They're More Affordable

Of course, there is a cost that goes along with purchasing cores to wind your products on. If possible, though, you probably want to spend as little on these cores as you can. After all, you probably want to dedicate more of your budget to making the best products that you can rather than spending that money on something as simple as the cores that you wrap your products on. Overall, paper cores are more affordable than plastic cores, so making this simple packaging decision can be a great way to keep your costs down.

They're Lighter in Weight

Plastic cores are typically still pretty light in weight, but paper cores are even lighter. Even this small amount of weight can impact things like how much you have to spend on shipping costs when shipping your products, so this is something to keep in mind. Plus, it can make it easier for you and your employees to haul and load your products, and it makes your products lighter and easier for your customers to work with, too.

They're Safe to Be Used With Food Products

If you sell plastic wrap that is used on food products or other products that might come in contact with food, then you should consider paper cores. After all, you don't have to worry about them having chemicals or otherwise presenting the dangers that can go along with plastic cores.