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Worried About Water Line Repair Damage To Your Property? Ask About Trenchless Repair

The discovery of a possible leak in a water line in your home's yard or business's property can be tough. You might know that repairs need to be done quickly, but you're likely not looking forward to digging up your lawn or having part of the parking lot torn up for pipe repair. You don't have to be worried, however, because many companies use trenchless procedures to repair water lines. As the name suggests, no trench is needed, meaning the digging up that you may be worried about is minimal. While some problems may still require traditional trenching, many do not, which makes repairing that water line a lot easier to take.

Closures Are Minimal

Trenching requires space, both for the trench and for the equipment and workers. That means includes tearing up a lawn, tearing out flowerbeds, or closing off part of a parking lot or courtyard on a business property to access the pipes. Trenchless repair requires only a small space for an access hole. The repair crew can use cameras and other tools to do the repair or replacement instead of actually opening up the ground all along the pipe. You won't have to close off much of your property for the work to be done.

Needed Permissions Are Few

Trenching may require access to a neighbor's property, depending on where the problem in the pipe is. With trenchless repair, access is much easier, and crews likely won't have to go onto your neighbor's property at all. That will vary by case, of course, but chances are that the work can be kept confined to your property.

Ask About How Access Points Are Chosen

It is a lot easier to prepare for trenchless work because the access points are so comparatively small. However, you still want to do some preparation, like moving containers and blocking off a few spaces in lots for the work. Talk to the repair company about where they'll need to be to access the pipes so that you can start getting those areas ready now. Remember that the way trenchless repair is done means that there is more than one potential access point, so you can try to find the one that results in the least disruption for your home or business.

Trenchless water line repair is fairly simple and long-lasting. Don't let the water line leak go on for too long. Contact a water line repair service for more information.