Creating Bright Business Opportunities

Train For A New Career

Are your job skills out of date or did you drop out of college and now fear that you won't be able to attain the funding necessary to resume your education? Career training includes many facets that can aid you in your education and offer a viable career path.

It Is Never Too Late To Make Life Changes

You may have had good intentions when growing up and pictured yourself in a certain field or with a specific degree. If having children, getting married, or being faced with a financial barrier prevented you from continuing your education or training for a specialized field, you can change your situation by signing up for a career training program. 

Career training is similar to taking college courses but is more focused. For instance, if after taking an assessment that is conducted by a career specialist you discover that you would like to pursue a specific trade, you can sign up for classes that relate to the job field that interests you. All of the schooling you receive will be essential to your success in the career you choose. This can be a motivator to complete your coursework so that you are eligible to be hired for the position you are seeking. Career training can help you reassess where your job is now and determine where you would like it to be in the future.

You Will Receive Help With Other Areas

Funding is available to eligible participants and a career counselor can assist with applications that are needed for a grant or a scholarship. If you currently work, but haven't received a raise in a while or are unhappy with the type of work that you are doing, think of this situation as one that is temporary. Your career training program can be pursued at night or on weekends and some course programs offer remote learning options, which would allow you to complete your studies from home.

If you are undecided about what type of job to pursue, your counselor may advise you to take some targeted tests, which will determine your strengths and match you to careers. Annual salaries that people earn in various fields can be used as a comparison tool. Your counselor may advise you on current trends or jobs that are beginning to be phased out, so that you do not choose a training program that will make it difficult for you to find a job upon the completion of your coursework.