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6 Characteristics Of A Great RV Park

Many vacationers have eschewed camping for RVing. They like the experience of the great outdoors with the conveniences of a home. What's more, some retirees have decided to make an entire lifestyle out of traveling in their RVs. Whatever their situation, RV enthusiasts want to find a great RV park. Below are some characteristics that make an RV park great.

1. Adequate Site Spacing

An important characteristic for any RV park is adequate space for the vehicle itself. People often go RVing to get away from city crowds — they certainly don't want that situation replicated at the RV park. They want that feeling of being out in nature with light and air throughout the camp. They also don't want a neighbor right on top of them.

2. Attractive Landscaping

Similarly, RV travelers, especially those who travel full time, want their sites to be attractive. They're not necessarily expecting formal lawns, but they always appreciate some shade trees. Flower beds or some native landscaping will also make an RV park look attractive to them.

3. Family-Friendly Atmosphere

RVing is a budget-friendly way for young families to go on vacation. They'll be looking for parks that have a family-friendly atmosphere. That family-friendliness presents in a park that's comfortable with activities for kids to enjoy. Such parks usually have quiet hours so the kids — and parents — can get some sleep.

4. Pet-Friendly Grounds

Pets are family, too. Indeed, many people go RVing specifically so they can bring their pets. Full-time RV travelers quite often have pets, specifically dogs, that they want to be accommodated. A pet-friendly RV park will have a well-maintained dog park or dog area. Such amenities make pet parents know they can enjoy themselves while taking care of their dogs.

5. On-Site Laundry Facilities

Some of the more elaborate RVs have laundry facilities, but many do not. So, RV travelers, especially the full-timers, will usually look for on-site laundry facilities. Such an amenity is good for families traveling, too. The laundry facilities don't have to be expansive. Many RV travelers will go to a local laundromat if they have to do a lot of laundry.

6. Easy Access to Hookups

RVs have their own water and sewer systems. Travelers then go to a dump station. A great RV park offers water, electric, and sewer hookups, though. Those hookups let RV travelers conserve their own reserves, which they appreciate. The hookups need to be easy to access, especially for vacation RV travelers since they won't be as savvy.

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