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Protect Your Restaurant: Why You Need To Have Your Exhaust Hood Cleaned

If you own a restaurant, your kitchen sees a lot of action. To keep things sanitary, you keep the cook areas clean. One area of the kitchen that might get overlooked is your exhaust system. Unfortunately, that's an area that shouldn't get overlooked. You see, a dirty exhaust system can cause serious problems for your restaurant. Here are five of the reasons you need to ensure routine cleaning of the exhaust system. 

Prevent Grease Fires

When you cook, all the vapor escapes through the exhaust system. Some of that vapor contains grease. Over time, your exhaust system gets coated with a layer of grease. But, the grease also collects particles of dust that float in the air. Once the layer of grease and dust gets thick enough, it becomes a fire hazard. That's where cleaning comes into the picture. Routine cleaning removes the grease and dust that can cause fires in your kitchen. 

Improve Kitchen Air Flow

Your commercial exhaust system plays a crucial role in your restaurant. It keeps the air flowing. Proper airflow keeps your restaurant kitchen cooler. Cool air keeps your kitchen staff comfortable. It also protects your equipment. Poor airflow causes your kitchen equipment to work harder. When your equipment works harder, it wears out faster. A clean kitchen exhaust system protects your equipment and your employees. 

Protect Your Fan Motor

If your exhaust hood is greasy, the rest of the system is too. This includes the fan motor. If your fan motor wears out, you'll need to have it replaced. But, replacing a fan motor can be quite costly. Not only that, but you may also need to shut down the kitchen during repairs. Luckily, routine exhaust system cleaning protects your fan motor. That's because your fan doesn't need to work as hard when the system is clean. 

Avoid Inspection Failure

If you own a restaurant, you need to deal with annual health and safety inspections. Part of the inspection includes your exhaust system. If your exhaust system is dirty, you won't pass the inspection. If that happens, you'll need to shut down operations until you can take care of the needed repairs. The best way to avoid a failed inspection is to keep your exhaust system clean. 

Reduce Kitchen Odors

When your exhaust system is caked in grease, your kitchen will have a distinct odor. If your kitchen smells like stale grease, it's time to clean the exhaust system. Odors can get trapped in the greasy film. The only way to get rid of the odor is to get rid of the greasy buildup. Keep your restaurant kitchen smelling fresh. Ensure routine cleaning of your exhaust system.

To get help with commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning, contact a cleaning service near you.