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3 Smart Ways To Reduce Claims & Save On Your Farm Insurance Premium

If you run a farm, one of the best ways to protect your farm is with insurance. However, insurance for a farm isn't cheap, which is why it is important to understand the steps you can take to reduce the number of claims you file and thus lower your farm insurance rates.

Way #1: Look into Driving Records

On the farm, a lot of driving takes place. There is lots of equipment that need to run, which requires someone behind the wheel. You may also have workers running trucks with trailers in order to haul necessary farm equipment around.

Driving-related accidents can drive up your insurance premium, which is why you should request the driving record of anyone you hire. Only allow employees with clean driving records to drive your vehicles and assign non-vehicular work to employees with less-than-stellar driving records.

Way #2: Require Your Employees to Wear a Seat Belt

When most people climb into a passenger vehicle, they put on their seat belts. However, many people have a more casual attitude about wearing seat belts when operating in a contained environment, such as a farm.

Driving a truck and trailer on a farm, or driving a tractor, doesn't reduce the risk of being seriously injured in an accident. Make it clear to all employees that they are expected to wear a seat belt when operating any equipment on your farm. If necessary, hang up reminder signs or stickers on the equipment to prompt your employees to put on their seat belts.

Way #3: Provide Personal Protective Equipment

A lot of the work done on a farm can be risky, which is why you need to make sure that you provide all your farm employees with the proper protective equipment based on the job that they are doing.

You should have an ample supply of safety glasses, face shields, masks, hearing protection, and hand protection equipment on-site always for your employees to access. Taking care of your employees with the right personal protective equipment will help prevent injuries and unnecessary claims.

If you want to keep your farm insurance rates reasonable, you need to work to reduce the number of claims that you file. By reducing the claims that you file, you will be able to keep your premium low. If something does go wrong though, you are going to want to report the incident as soon as possible. Quick reporting is responsible and will help ensure your insurance will cover the incident. For more information about farm insurance, look online at sites like