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Successful Tips For The Creation Of A Women-Only Private Club

In 1869, a pivotal moment occurred that set the notion of women-only private clubs into motion. A woman by the name of Jane Cunningham Croly wished to attend a lecture given by the famous novelist, Charles Dickens. Unfortunately, Croly and other women were denied access by the New York Press Club, which catered only to men.

The male-dominated culture inspired Croly to form the first women-only private club known as Sorosis. The women gathered for lunch to discuss their professions and other like-minded interests at Delmonico. Delmonico was one of the only eateries that would allow the women to enter and grab a meal without a male escorting them.

Today, women-only private clubs are facing renewed interest. Women from all walks of life are looking for a place where they can retreat, relax, and enjoy getting to know other women. The last thing a woman wants to do at the end of her long day is to head home and do more work. Many women savor the break that a well ran private club can offer her, which is something you can do successfully as well.

Customized Experience for Your Target Audience

Calling yourself a women-only club is not enough to target a specific audience. There are millions of women out there, and not all of them share the same interests. Therefore, you must create a club that narrows down your focus. For instance, you can create a private club geared toward the world of female professionals.

Once you establish your target female audience, you then have to work to find the services and membership amenities that will generate the most interest in what you are offering. For instance, providing a club that supports and motivates female professionals using various visual styles and benefits.

Supporting the Working Woman with Relaxation

When a woman leaves the office at the end of the day, give her a club that allows her to leave her stresses at the workplace. Consider soft, soothing colors, aromatic candles, and motivational tunes. Provide her with healthy snacks or snacks that promote energy so she can keep her level of focus high. Incorporate comfy lounge chairs where she can relax and brainstorm with other like-minded women.

Offer Amenities that Support Her Career Goals

If you plan on offering membership to women, give them something worth their money. In other words, support your members' career goals. You can charge top-dollar membership prices if you give her a place where she can create podcasts or be creative. You may even want to consider offering enough space so your women-only members can host publications, shows, and other events.

Your members will be willing to pay the membership admission because the right amenities will allow them to consider it a business expense. Therefore, rather than burning a hole in their pocket, your membership fees can create a benefit that allows incentives and tax breaks to the working woman.

The best way to ensure the success of your private women-only club is to work with a private club consulting company that specializes in the success of private clubs. Contact a consulting company near you for assistance, advice, and specialized strategic plans.