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Corporate Awards: Why A Little Employee Recognition Goes A Long Way

Some companies come up with different ways to boost morale while boosting business. Maybe it is a discount package on company services, or maybe it is a trip to some warm locale away from the cold winter at home. For your company, it could just as easily be an annual awards event, fully catered with open bar. Come up with about twenty categories of awards, and then nominate or elect certain employees that have shown exemplary performance in each category. A little employee recognition like this really does go a long way, and here is why. 

Rewards Banquets Foster Competition

Sure, it may only be a simple trophy or plaque, but you would not believe how much it pushes employees to compete for that recognition. From a very early age, kids are taught to compete, be the best, and receive recognition. It is ingrained in them, and then it rarely happens when they become adults. If you pick up that proverbial baton of providing recognition to employees for this or that job well done, you are going to see some fierce competition for the top spots. Fierce competition translates into profits for the company, and that is what you definitely want. 

Rewards Banquets Boost Morale

Some days are just harder than others to come to work and do the jobs people are expected to do. Morale takes a dip. However, when employees know that they could be recognized for their hard work, devotion to their jobs, and loyalty or years of service, morale is boosted. The banquet is a time of celebration and celebrating others with recognition. Happier employees work harder, and working harder means greater success for your company overall. 

Rewards Banquets Recognize the "Most Improved" or "Outstanding Action" Employees

Sometimes you get that one employee that seems lost or lagging behind. He/she needs some encouragement. When he/she does something truly outstanding, a reward should be given and recognition received. Improving on his/her work or doing something that was truly innovative to further the company's profits and public image are just some examples of what you could reward with a plaque or trophy. It also shows the rest of the employees what they can achieve when they are really trying and really thinking about how to make things operate better or more efficiently for themselves, for other employees, and for the company. 

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