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More Than One Way To Be Freed From Jail

If you've wound up on the wrong side of the law and are arrested, you have several different options when it comes to being released. Take a look at how your circumstances will dictate your release so you can begin to work on your criminal case.

Using Your Reputation: Own recognizance is the cheapest way to be free of jail but is only available to some. No bail may be needed if you are a first-time offender, the crime is not serious, and you have good ties to the area. For an own recognizance release, you still have to agree to certain conditions and make a pledge to return for future court appearances.

No-Bond Release: This form of release from jail is similar to own recognizance releases. Also called a signature bond or unsecured bond, it's slightly more stringent than an own recognizance release. For this type of release, you must abide by certain conditions or you will be charged a fine. You only have to pay this bail money, though, if you don't appear as ordered in court.

Posting Bond: This is the traditional way of getting out of jail, though the financial consequences of paying the full bail amount are too steep for most defendants or their families to afford. With this method, bail is set by the judge and either the defendant or an outside party pays that price to gain a release. At the end of the case, the bail money is refunded to the person who paid it. As with all forms of bail, you must also obey the bail conditions.

Property Pledges: If the defendant or others don't have enough cash to make bail, property can be used instead. Real estate, jewelry, cars — whatever is available that has value — is pledged in place of cash money. If all bail conditions are met, the property (deeds, titles, etc) is returned at the end of the case.

Bail Bonds: Finally, the least expensive way to attain freedom quickly is by using a bail bond. Bail bonds can be purchased from outside bail bonding companies and used in place of paying the full bail amount. Bail bonds allow people to be released from jail at a percentage point of the full bail payment requested by the court. For example, if the bail is $2,000 and the bail bonding agent is charging a 10% fee, the defendant or their friends and family would only have to pay $200 for the bail bond. Bail bonding agents are friendly, located near jail facilities, and easy to work with. To find out more about this way of gaining release from jail, phone a bail agent today.