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What You Need To Know About Moving Your Wine Collection

If you're got a move to a new home in your future, you're probably experiencing a combination of anticipation and anxiety. It's natural to feel nervous and anxious at the prospect of moving to a new home even if the move is for positive reasons, such as getting an exciting new job that you've been coveting or needing a new house because you're expecting an addition to the family. You're probably looking forward to uncorking a bottle of your favorite wine and toasting the beginning of your new life in your new home, and one of the last things you want to happen is to take an initial sip of wine that has gone flat or otherwise gone bad or discovering that your wine bottles have become broken at some point during the move.

Wine can be damaged in a variety of ways during the moving process. Here's what you need to know.

Use Specially Made Wine Boxes to Move Your Wine

Many people simply wrap their wine in towels, bedding, and thick clothing such as sweaters when they move them to a different location, but this often results in ruined fabrics and broken wine bottles. Use a wine box specifically made for relocating wine. If the move is going to take more than a day, place the wine box on its side to keep the corks wet — this helps keep the corks from shrinking.

Temperature Matters

Wine should always be moved in a temperature-and-humidity controlled moving van. Most people are aware that wine can be ruined if it freezes, but they may not know that it can also be ruined if it reaches temperatures of 75 degrees and up. What happens is that the wine literally cooks, which can leave it with a sour, bitter taste. It also reduces the alcohol content.

Allow the Wine to Rest for 7 Days After You Move

The wine should also be allowed to rest for at least 7 days before you uncork it. This can put a damper your first night in your new home celebration, so be sure to stop at a store on your way to your new house and pick up a bottle so you'll have something to toast with.

Fortunately, moving doesn't have to be stressful if you leave the hard part to professional movers. Contact a company like Affordable Moving Company for more information on making your upcoming move go as smoothly as possible.