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It Is Important To Dry Out Compressed Air

You probably think of air as something that is pretty dry, without carrying any kind of water, but all atmospheric air has some kind of water vapor in it. When air gets compressed, the water vapor in the air also gets compressed. That ends up causing all kinds of problems down the line. Getting rid of all that moisture means that the compressed air has to go through a drying system. There are a number of different kinds of systems that can be used. But what are the reasons to send that compressed air through one of the various drying methods? 


One reason for compressed air or other gasses in vapor form to go through a dryer is to get rid of all the contaminants that can be carried through the moisture. That can include things like dust, grease, and other similar things. Those contaminants can cause the systems to get all gunked up, which can be a problem, and will cause the various machinery that the compressed air or gas has to go through. The gasses can also carry those contaminants through the entire process, corrupting the finished program. 


Another reason to get rid of the water in the compressed air is that the water can cause the machinery to corrode. Water, in whatever form, and delicate machinery doesn't mix all that well. Moisture can cause things like rust to show up in pipes and tubes. That will eventually break down those structures, which can and will cause critical failures in the machines. That is going to end up to cost you a lot of money because you have to replace anything, whether it's a simple air compressor that you use for your power hammer or something much larger. 


Making sure that compressed air is dried out makes the tools that are being used with the compressed air much more efficient. The tools are designed to be used with just that air in them, which means that the nozzles and tubes that the air runs through aren't very big. Therefore, when any contaminants get into the system, it starts to narrow the openings, making it harder for the air to get through, which makes the tools have to work harder in order to do their job. 

Making sure that air or other gasses are dry before they are used is really important for a lot of reasons. For more information, contact suppliers of air gas liquid drying systems.