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Wood Stair Balusters That Fit

The balusters of a staircase can strongly influence how the overall staircase looks. Customers who are choosing balusters need to know which kind of staircase they have.

Different Rail Supports Can Be Used With Different Staircase Types

Most of the companies that create balusters will have several kinds of balusters, which will fit with a wide range of staircases. People who have unique staircases should still be able to find new rail supports or replacement rail supports. However, an individual set of balusters will not necessarily fit with absolutely all staircases. 

People will certainly have to measure rail supports first. However, curved staircases and other staircase types might still not use the exact same balusters, even if they're similar in size. Some customers might be able to get custom rail supports if there is a style that they like that will not fit with the household's staircase. They'll have to decide if they want to use a wood species that matches other types of wood used throughout the house. 

Customers May Want Balusters That Were Made Using the Same Wood Species That Was Used for the House's Flooring or Doors

People are often looking for a sense of harmony when it comes to interior design and this is easier to achieve when they consistently use similar types of wood. A lot of balusters are made of different species of oak or pine, which are also used throughout homes in other ways. People who have oak wooden flooring might like oak rail supports.

However, many other people might specifically want to use a completely different set of balusters, because they're interested in creating a contrast between the staircase and the rest of the house. These same people will also usually want balusters that are unique in comparison to the staircase's other sections. 

The Balusters on a Staircase Will Not Necessarily Have to Match the Stair Rail

Many people are interested in balusters that are lighter or darker than the staircase's handrail. The rail and the rail supports themselves will both look more striking this way. It's popular to make sure that the rail matches the top surface of the stairs, while the balusters match the stair risers. 

However, it's also common for people to choose balusters that look completely different from the stairs and the rails. People who want rail supports that have a memorable shape will usually select this format.

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